A collection of highlights from my best work as of May 16th, 2019

Redemption Services

Our entry into the 2016 Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project.  We took home 2nd place overall and best use of line.


Erie Insurance company

Another video made with Massive Media, this time for the Erie Insurance Company.


Short film made in collaboration with composer/director Ashton Gleckman in Gary, Indiana.  

The Indigos - So Fly

Music video made with Muncie, Indiana band The Indigos.

Game of War

Action short film made while attending Ball State with students from Cardinal Filmworks.  Winner of 3 awards at the Frog Baby Film Festival.


Short suspense film made with members of Cardinal Filmworks at Ball State.  Winner of 2 Frog Baby Film Festival awards.

Henry the invisible man

Short film made with Cardinal Filmworks members at Ball State.  Winner of  2 Frog Baby Film Festival awards.

German shepherd rescue indy

Docu-promo made for a German Shepherd Rescue center in Indianapolis.

Scooch Clipstic

Commercial for Scooch Inc.'s Clipstic phone case.

Global orientations

Promo/Informational video about Global Orientations, a corporate relocation company.

Stihl powerequipment

Promo video made with Massive Media for Stihl Power Equipment.

Purdue University

Purdue University promo made with graphic artist, Tre Bennett.

Scott's Reel Mowers

Commercials Made for Scott's Reel Mowers.

Social Roulette

Our entry into the 2017 Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project.  We took home Audience Favorite.


Short film made with Director/Composter Ashton Gleckman.  Shot at Central State Hospital in Indianapolis.

Purge: 2024

A short action/horror film made in collaboration with Ashton Gleckman.